Monday, January 5, 2009

The Twelfth Holy Night - The Need for a Tree Image

I can't believe how I have been mourning over taking down our Christmas Tree! For me it is symbolic of the wonderful Christmas Season we have just experienced. It was truly one of the prettiest trees we have ever had. I have been buying a few cheap ornaments during this time of sales. Paul said-"We just got it right!" Because we bought the tree so late it is just now getting old enough that the pine smell fills up the house! I looked at our tree during dinner and thought I'll blog about our tree. So how surprised I was to read my email and find that today's message was of a tree!!! Tree's have always been special for me. I remember as a child feeling the energy that exuded our Pine tree in our country yard. When I was pregnant with Adrian I would go walking and concentrate on the energy from the trees in my surroundings.

Lynn's words today:

Our souls need an image of a Tree. A trunk, simple, straight and solid. Branches and roots, twisted, reaching deep and high, weaving, feeding and nourishing, budding, leafing and fruiting. Sanctuary to birds, bugs, serpents, squirrels, spirits and sleeping possums. Source of great myths and mysteries. The tree of knowledge and the tree of life. The Bodhi Tree of Buddha. Your Soul’s Tree. In our souls, spirit weaves into matter and matter weaves into spirit, especially when your core, your I am I, is strong like a tree trunk.The Tree has been an archetypal image through the ages. Now it is an archetypal image for the individual. Imagine your own soul's tree image.Tonight, imagine your Soul’s Tree. It is the source of the growth of your wonder and your wisdom. Tend to your tree with love. Feed it with freedom. Burrow into the roots and build nests in the branches.


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This is lovely! The pictures are great too. It's given me something to ponder, thanks!
love, Annette

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