Friday, January 16, 2009

January Lessons

So many times I hear, "what curriculum do you use to teach your son? " Well I have to say, this has been a learning full month. Earlier this month I told Adrian he was going to log on to Time 4Learning, an online learning program, more often. His father was pressuring me. So for the sake of our relationship, we are trying to help Dad out. Adrian really does like this program and spends hours unasked playing on it. He's into the reading comprehension at the moment. I've noticed he's taking a little more interest in spelling too. He can skip around on the grade buttons.

But the biggest learning adventure has been the construction of his new tree house. Paul has allowed Adrian to do all the planning and most of the hammering. It's funny, Paul is always asking Adrian to get off his learning program to work on the tree house and Adrian is always trying to have as much fun on his computer before having more fun on the tree house!

And me? Well I am just so happy that they are both happy!

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