Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Message from Facebook

A message I received on FaceBook: "I just wanted to tell you (though, I'm SURE I've told you before!) how much I enjoy the pictures and updates of your travels and all of your new learning experiences. I have much admiration for your open-mindedness and courage and willingness to REALLY live your life. More so for your child. I think the life experiences you allow him are the most incredible gifts than you can give him. I have no doubt, that as an adult, he will look back and know how lucky he was to have such a unique life and awesomely cool parents! "
My response:
"As a mom my biggest fear is that my son will be an unhappy adult. I work very hard on treating him with the same respect and compassion I hope to receive from my loved ones. It takes being constantly aware of the words and tones that I use. It does not come my way naturally. But I have great role models in my friends. Your words are most appreciated! Thanks for the love!"

My Role Models