Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Things that make you go hmm...

FOOD! It is constantly on our minds. There is not a friendship made or a gathering of people in which food does not come into our conversations. And even when we are not talking about it we are thinking about it. I have friends who are Vegans, Raw Vegans, Vegetarians and those who follow the Weston Price Foundation Principles. I like the WPF diet. It makes the most since to me. I get all my nutrition, which many of the diets don't, and I feel that by not eating foods with chemicals I can't pronounce, but eating what my grandmother has eaten to the ripe old age of 95 has got to work.
But this bloggers perspective got me thinking again. Hmm....
The Fresh Network Blog

Monday, July 19, 2010

Volcanic Eruption

So why am I wearing a bathing suit (much to my son's chagrin)as we hike up to the best view of the Obisidian Flow?
Because we had been soaking in the warm springs on top of the crater on Newberry Volcano.

These are the falls created during the last eruption 1,00 years ago.

Monday, July 5, 2010

On the Road Again

Wow! I did not realize until we began prepping for our summer working vacation that it has been one year since I was traveling in our motor home. We have been prepping for our upcoming trip for 4 day and it has been bone tiring. As our house distanced in the rear view mirror I asked "OK, what have we forgotten?" Paul, contemplating our intense preparation was certain there could have been nothing. Eight hours later some of the answers becomes clear: the down comforter (where we are going the low is in the 30's at night), the spices (including the salt) and some work out equipment (yoga mat and resistant bands).

Earlier I had awoke at 3:00 am and thought "you can't forget last night's homemade ice cream, basil from the garden and olive oil." I really thought that was all we were missing and there was no way we could not be on the road by 7 am. We woke at 5:00 am and left the house at 8:05 am.

As I finished loading the RV, I was blessing the home and missing it at the same time. I remembered a conversation I had with Tara a few months before when she was in the process of selling most everything she owned and walking away from her home to live a life of "full timing". I couldn't convince her at the time, but I relayed that it would all be far away and most forgotten by the first night of camping.

The sun is slowly fading on our campsite in the orange grove and I wonder "Where is home?"