Monday, December 29, 2008

Chritmas Morning
Santa enjoyed his peppermint bark and Adrian enjoys all his gifts.

Christmas Dinner
Yes-we eat what we like on Christmas and we all love oysters and the English Tradition of Christmas Crackers!

Christmas Eve Tradition -out to dinner!

Grandmother Lois' visits!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

LVLL Christmas Party

An elfish Julianna!
Our Gracious Host-Baby Jessie Lou.

Can I get enough snow?
A day of fun and snow were had by all! It was nice to have an area to warm up and chow down!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Stories

Last night adrian & I laid snuggled in his bed. Our furnace remains off for the most part of these cold nights, so the snuggle is extra special. We are reading a collection of Christmas Stories. Some are about Santa and some are about the birth of Jesus.
My son ponders after several tales and then comments that the Santa stories are so much more believable than the Baby Jesus Story. "I mean, come on, a baby being born in a manger and three wise guys traveling from afar?"
"Yes, my son" I agreed "it is so much easier to beieve a never aging elf flys throught the night with his reindeer bringing gifts to all good boys and girls." What else could I say?

Monday, December 15, 2008

Jury duty

I had to wake up at the crack of dawn today for Jury duty! Not something I looked forward too, after coming off one partial day of rest after a long hard show. I had dreaded this day, thinking of every way possible I could give to the judge as an excuse as to why I can never do Jury Duty. But then as I was there listening to our law system interview us for being a possible juror, I realized what a privilege it would be to be a part of our law system. I thought how it is my duty as a US Citizen to help in our Judicial system. The case I was to be "interviewed" for was a domestic violence case. although my number never came up, I was able to get the just of the case. The man was being accused of domestic violence and his children were involved some how. The accuser was not going to show up in court, and there would be some controversy regarding statements made and then retracted. The defendant would not be testifying.
I don't think I could have been unbiased in the case. State being involved at all in a child's fate is not something I have a clear point of view about. In other words, I believe children should be protected, but I am not sure the state can do this justly. I also had a strong dislike for the two female attorneys representing the man. I immediately felt they were not genuine, but using their looks and actions to persuade people that the defendant was the abused. a question that came up a lot was do you feel a man can be the one being abused and that he has a right to defend himself. I know I would have answered yes to this, but I have to know how much danger was he in? Did his wife have a weapon? Was she considerably larger than him? How can we answer these questions without these answers? If I had expressed these concerns I'm sure I would immediately be dismissed. In fact I believe they dismissed the last possible juror because she was a female and the jury needed to be more males so to be in their favor. I would think men would be more apt to agree men could be abused before most women will. The potential juror said nothing to give a reason why she should not be on the jury.
So,I suppose despite my need to want to be a part of our great Judicial system, all in all I am to opinionated to truly be unbiased.
another great point of interest was the number of potential jurors who had been involved in domestic violence. 10 our of 30! Wow! another reason to want to be a part of putting the bad behind bars? That last statment is so not part of some way I want to think! Way to much judgement for who i strive to be. Maybe i better own up to that before i have the chance of getting called back in two years.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

With a Thankful Heart...

I give and receive from the abundance.
So many times I choose to feel guilt for receiving more than giving, but this is conditional thinking. I believe if we all choose to think how we have touched another we will understand we give more than we think. I remember a lesson in the Celestine Prophesy I did many years ago remains with me still in thought. The lesson was to think of what incidents had occurred in my life to place me where I am today and remember all the people and choices that made it happen. I concluded that a choice I made in High school to befriend a troubled girl roller coasted to all that I am today. I have used this exercise to think of friends and acquaintances I have known and realized how our choosing to be in each others life created life changes. For instance I hired a girl years ago as a hotel concierge. She's now a GM of a resort. I hired another to help me with a show and was told a yer later I had inspired her to change her life. She lost 40 lbs and realized the world was hers to own! Wow! She gets it more than me!!! LOL! I gave in each of those instnaces without knowing I was giving.
I have figured out the key to the best Thanksgiving! Have it a day early! This morning I got to have Thanksgiving dinner for breakfast.
Mom and a friend had to travel today. So after a very slow start we got in the kitchen yesterday at 10am and was eating at 6:00 PM. I enjoyed spending the day with Mom in the kitchen cooking and laughing. Two o'clock, we popped open the bottle of champagne and had Pomegranitosas! This year we had the traditional Thanksgiving dinner minus the cranberry sauce! I have vowed to make that today! Just not the same without it!
Adrian and I laid in bed watching the Macy's Day parade and playing Countdown. We read a little of the last book of Harry Potter (A's not much into this last one, a bit too dark for my happy son). and now we are doing whatever we want! a nice break after such a long stretch of work!
I wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, and a big hug of love and thanks for being in my life!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hypocrite or Desirable?

For a very long time I have read the Course in Miracles. It is my desire to be more like Christ, more accepting and less critical and non-judgemental.
My father sent me an email yesterday. It was meant to be funny at the expense of Barrack Obama. It made me very angry because it was a picture of Africans traveling as so many do in the back of a truck. The caption was something about going to the White House.
I explained to my father my feelings towards email of this sort. I expressed that as it was intended to provoke fear and to poke fun of another it was not in sync with my beliefs or desires. I believe my reaction had a lot to do with the fear towards different religions and races that was so abundantly present during this campaign that I was feeding off of too. I went on to explain a meeting I once had with my CIM teacher. During the meeting she explained her dislike for comedians because they preyed on peoples weakness and poked fun at others. This meeting was more than 10 yrs ago, but I always remember it.
So shift to last night and the family is trying to find something on the TV that we would all like to watch. Some choices were Sex Change hospital, Pregnant paralyzed women, and man with disease that makes him look like he has tree limbs for hands. We laughed at these shows and their titles. Made comedian jokes regarding them.
Had I not given the lecture earlier that this was a judgement I did not desire to hold? Life is funny how it shows me my lessons on a daily routine. I only hope I learn and precede on stopping myself each time I want to judge another because of thier appearance.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


The LifeLearner Party was a blast this year! So was the Clark County Mueseum. We spent 2.5 hours trick or treating on Friday night. So much fun!

Monday, October 27, 2008

I voted!

Yes, I get to wear my sticker. Two nights ago, i pondered my choice for president once more. Was I selling out? Did I really want to vote for someone so political? So entrenched in DC? Vote for someone who new how to play the game?

I disagree with Obama's view on education. I'm not so sure about his economic strategy, nor his tax plan. I have even wane from my socialistic ideals in later years. I do believe we should help everyone we can regardless. There has to be janitors and servers. Not everyone can be the Warren Buffets or Bill Gates. We have the freedom to help each other. I hate the argument: Why should I pay for some individual who just works the system in order to not have to work? Because without that generosity a mother has to struggle to find the medical care for her sick daughter. Does it matter she chose the career path she chose, or does it matter that we can help her without any judgement?

What was it that finally tipped the iceberg? The kind of leadership qualities I believe Obama possesses . I feel he is more likely to learn from his errors, has more self control, and will have the willingness to change.

So I could have voted for Barr, but I didn't. I voted for the top candidate of my choice.

I'm not expecting miracles just a leader with traits shared by some of our greatest presidents (or is greatest presidents an oxymoron?).

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Zion National Park

Wow! What a weekend! I have not had so much fun with friends and family in forever! There were four families in a group campsite in Zion National Park. It was interesting watching the dynamics of other families. I was very happy to share my family with friends. Paul is generous and so helpful. He is truly my rock of Gilbralta. I have never considered him laid back despite his outward hippy appearance, but after this weekend I would say he's the best at being laid back. Sometimes I wish we'd had another child because Adrian is so socialable. I think maybe he'd be more content at home, but most times I think he's benefitted from all the energy & attention he receives from being an only child.

"Used Wet Clothes for Sale"!

This weekend Mom & Dad were not on his mind. He played from morning to night. What fun.

One of our friends asked if I missed traveling. I don't. Yes, traveling is my passion and sometimes I wonder would we have been more adventuresome and traveled to Europe to try the Horse shows if we had stayed living in our RV? Would life be so much less worrisome without the need to have to work harder to pay our mortgage? Yes I ponder these thoughts and I think: Did we make a mistake? But this weekend we thought about venturing over to the North Rim since we were so close and again I wondered about the life we gave up. Yet Adrian & I were in unison in our desire to get back home after the weekend away.
On Saturday evening the night wind was blowing in the leaves and a handful of us were still awake stroking the fire and my girlfriend strummed on her guitar and a overwhelming sense of peace came over me as I realized I was exactly where I want to be! I love my home and my friends, who are like minded and my new life!