Sunday, October 19, 2008

Zion National Park

Wow! What a weekend! I have not had so much fun with friends and family in forever! There were four families in a group campsite in Zion National Park. It was interesting watching the dynamics of other families. I was very happy to share my family with friends. Paul is generous and so helpful. He is truly my rock of Gilbralta. I have never considered him laid back despite his outward hippy appearance, but after this weekend I would say he's the best at being laid back. Sometimes I wish we'd had another child because Adrian is so socialable. I think maybe he'd be more content at home, but most times I think he's benefitted from all the energy & attention he receives from being an only child.

"Used Wet Clothes for Sale"!

This weekend Mom & Dad were not on his mind. He played from morning to night. What fun.

One of our friends asked if I missed traveling. I don't. Yes, traveling is my passion and sometimes I wonder would we have been more adventuresome and traveled to Europe to try the Horse shows if we had stayed living in our RV? Would life be so much less worrisome without the need to have to work harder to pay our mortgage? Yes I ponder these thoughts and I think: Did we make a mistake? But this weekend we thought about venturing over to the North Rim since we were so close and again I wondered about the life we gave up. Yet Adrian & I were in unison in our desire to get back home after the weekend away.
On Saturday evening the night wind was blowing in the leaves and a handful of us were still awake stroking the fire and my girlfriend strummed on her guitar and a overwhelming sense of peace came over me as I realized I was exactly where I want to be! I love my home and my friends, who are like minded and my new life!

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Miranda said...

Ok, now you've made me miss you guys sooo much! Wish I could have been there, too!