Thursday, November 27, 2008

With a Thankful Heart...

I give and receive from the abundance.
So many times I choose to feel guilt for receiving more than giving, but this is conditional thinking. I believe if we all choose to think how we have touched another we will understand we give more than we think. I remember a lesson in the Celestine Prophesy I did many years ago remains with me still in thought. The lesson was to think of what incidents had occurred in my life to place me where I am today and remember all the people and choices that made it happen. I concluded that a choice I made in High school to befriend a troubled girl roller coasted to all that I am today. I have used this exercise to think of friends and acquaintances I have known and realized how our choosing to be in each others life created life changes. For instance I hired a girl years ago as a hotel concierge. She's now a GM of a resort. I hired another to help me with a show and was told a yer later I had inspired her to change her life. She lost 40 lbs and realized the world was hers to own! Wow! She gets it more than me!!! LOL! I gave in each of those instnaces without knowing I was giving.
I have figured out the key to the best Thanksgiving! Have it a day early! This morning I got to have Thanksgiving dinner for breakfast.
Mom and a friend had to travel today. So after a very slow start we got in the kitchen yesterday at 10am and was eating at 6:00 PM. I enjoyed spending the day with Mom in the kitchen cooking and laughing. Two o'clock, we popped open the bottle of champagne and had Pomegranitosas! This year we had the traditional Thanksgiving dinner minus the cranberry sauce! I have vowed to make that today! Just not the same without it!
Adrian and I laid in bed watching the Macy's Day parade and playing Countdown. We read a little of the last book of Harry Potter (A's not much into this last one, a bit too dark for my happy son). and now we are doing whatever we want! a nice break after such a long stretch of work!
I wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, and a big hug of love and thanks for being in my life!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hypocrite or Desirable?

For a very long time I have read the Course in Miracles. It is my desire to be more like Christ, more accepting and less critical and non-judgemental.
My father sent me an email yesterday. It was meant to be funny at the expense of Barrack Obama. It made me very angry because it was a picture of Africans traveling as so many do in the back of a truck. The caption was something about going to the White House.
I explained to my father my feelings towards email of this sort. I expressed that as it was intended to provoke fear and to poke fun of another it was not in sync with my beliefs or desires. I believe my reaction had a lot to do with the fear towards different religions and races that was so abundantly present during this campaign that I was feeding off of too. I went on to explain a meeting I once had with my CIM teacher. During the meeting she explained her dislike for comedians because they preyed on peoples weakness and poked fun at others. This meeting was more than 10 yrs ago, but I always remember it.
So shift to last night and the family is trying to find something on the TV that we would all like to watch. Some choices were Sex Change hospital, Pregnant paralyzed women, and man with disease that makes him look like he has tree limbs for hands. We laughed at these shows and their titles. Made comedian jokes regarding them.
Had I not given the lecture earlier that this was a judgement I did not desire to hold? Life is funny how it shows me my lessons on a daily routine. I only hope I learn and precede on stopping myself each time I want to judge another because of thier appearance.