Monday, November 22, 2010


Where have I been? I was looking on my friend's Annette's blog and noticed how all the blogs that she follows are up to date. That is all, but mine. Yea, I've been really busy. This year has gone by faster that any year I've ever experienced! I feel the older I get, the easier it is to understand the metaphysical theory that there is no such thing as time. This moment is the same as the day I was born, as the moment I gave birth and the same as the day my Mom gave birth. I truly understand this more and more, the older I get.
But, where have I been? This year I spent most of the spring on the East Coast, the summer on the West Coast and the Fall back on the East Coast. Traveling is really not the reason I have not blogged much. Nor is time. The real reason is my old lap top. It's seven year old! It takes to much time to post and add and edit pictures and I need constant Internet access. I was stunned at the poor quality and lack of wireless available at highly priced campgrounds this year.
Paul has asked me to go get a computer and reliable Internet service. I have too much web to conquer, but I'll get to it, eventually.
In the mean time: Enjoy life, live it fully and to the utmost, don't look back, smell the roses, practice tolerence and patience, treat your children with respect, and never ever forget, this is the year that Auburn University will be the # 1 Champions in the SEC!!!