Monday, October 27, 2008

I voted!

Yes, I get to wear my sticker. Two nights ago, i pondered my choice for president once more. Was I selling out? Did I really want to vote for someone so political? So entrenched in DC? Vote for someone who new how to play the game?

I disagree with Obama's view on education. I'm not so sure about his economic strategy, nor his tax plan. I have even wane from my socialistic ideals in later years. I do believe we should help everyone we can regardless. There has to be janitors and servers. Not everyone can be the Warren Buffets or Bill Gates. We have the freedom to help each other. I hate the argument: Why should I pay for some individual who just works the system in order to not have to work? Because without that generosity a mother has to struggle to find the medical care for her sick daughter. Does it matter she chose the career path she chose, or does it matter that we can help her without any judgement?

What was it that finally tipped the iceberg? The kind of leadership qualities I believe Obama possesses . I feel he is more likely to learn from his errors, has more self control, and will have the willingness to change.

So I could have voted for Barr, but I didn't. I voted for the top candidate of my choice.

I'm not expecting miracles just a leader with traits shared by some of our greatest presidents (or is greatest presidents an oxymoron?).

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