Monday, October 6, 2008

School on Monday

So, every year@ this time, I start evaluating A's "education". It's fall, a time for new school things. Yea...I forget I don't school my kid!!! So today we march into the local learning center to retrieve items to help him learn what i fear he lags behind in. In this case as every year it is his handwriting & spelling & i still try & get those multiplications in! So I'm going through the work books & he's not helping. Workbooks are torture to him. Then i come to the games. Oh yea! It dawns on me how much he learns through games & activities. Duh... As my son would say. WE get home he starts right away on his new crystal kit. He love science. Then he goes on to play capture the flag with his dad. I drop in for lunch, as i am busy upstairs working & i realize my son knows more than me!
It was a question regarding whales. Well my son reads zoo books on the toilet everyday. He'll sit on that pot for close to an hour, head hidden in the magazine lines being formed on his butt cheeks as he releases yesterday's byproducts.
Yes his handwriting is atrocious & he not real good @ answering questions elaborately or telling stories, but he can sure create a Lego invention that comes with a good story!

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