Monday, December 15, 2008

Jury duty

I had to wake up at the crack of dawn today for Jury duty! Not something I looked forward too, after coming off one partial day of rest after a long hard show. I had dreaded this day, thinking of every way possible I could give to the judge as an excuse as to why I can never do Jury Duty. But then as I was there listening to our law system interview us for being a possible juror, I realized what a privilege it would be to be a part of our law system. I thought how it is my duty as a US Citizen to help in our Judicial system. The case I was to be "interviewed" for was a domestic violence case. although my number never came up, I was able to get the just of the case. The man was being accused of domestic violence and his children were involved some how. The accuser was not going to show up in court, and there would be some controversy regarding statements made and then retracted. The defendant would not be testifying.
I don't think I could have been unbiased in the case. State being involved at all in a child's fate is not something I have a clear point of view about. In other words, I believe children should be protected, but I am not sure the state can do this justly. I also had a strong dislike for the two female attorneys representing the man. I immediately felt they were not genuine, but using their looks and actions to persuade people that the defendant was the abused. a question that came up a lot was do you feel a man can be the one being abused and that he has a right to defend himself. I know I would have answered yes to this, but I have to know how much danger was he in? Did his wife have a weapon? Was she considerably larger than him? How can we answer these questions without these answers? If I had expressed these concerns I'm sure I would immediately be dismissed. In fact I believe they dismissed the last possible juror because she was a female and the jury needed to be more males so to be in their favor. I would think men would be more apt to agree men could be abused before most women will. The potential juror said nothing to give a reason why she should not be on the jury.
So,I suppose despite my need to want to be a part of our great Judicial system, all in all I am to opinionated to truly be unbiased.
another great point of interest was the number of potential jurors who had been involved in domestic violence. 10 our of 30! Wow! another reason to want to be a part of putting the bad behind bars? That last statment is so not part of some way I want to think! Way to much judgement for who i strive to be. Maybe i better own up to that before i have the chance of getting called back in two years.

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I have my jury duty next month. I don't think I'm going to get out of it - like you said, civic duty and all. But I don't like passing judgement on a person whom I don't really know. It's something I've learned this year and something I feel uncomfortable with. But I'm still going to go and do what I can. Maybe I won't get called either.