Sunday, January 11, 2009

This Pirate Looks at Another Year in the Forty's

Well, I don't plan on saying what year I turned this week, I can tell you James Bond's "From Russian With Love" was made the same year as me. We are watching yet another James Bond! My birthday was a great day, thanks to my family. I spent the first part of the day enjoying the spa at Green Valley Ranch. This had been a Mother's Day gift, I never got around to using. I wanted to many times, but it was such a great gift I kept waiting for the perfect time.
After four luxurious hours I got home to find the boy's had prepared a Greek Fiesta! Greece is the one place I have never been and have wanted to go all my life. I love greek food. We had lamb, olives, fabulous cream feta, and best of all-Saganoki. Saganoki is not a wine! Although my meal did come complete with a Greek wine. Saganoki is Kasseri cheese floured, fried in olive oil soaked in brandy and lastly it is flamed. You must always say "OOPA!" when the cheese is lit.
We placed all this on our trampoline in the TV room, lit some candles and watched Return to Witch Mountain 2. Later I watched Billy Elliot. It was a glorious day and I went to bed thankful for the thoughtful man in my life


Barb said...

Happy birthday! I must call you this week and catch up! I just about cried when I read that you won't be in Vegas when I am

TheOrganicSister said...

That was so thoughtful of him to think of all that. Sounds like a perfect day.

Annette said...

belaed Happy Birthday! Sounds like a fantastic day! I am loving my 40's, a nice mix of wisdom and youth still.