Saturday, January 3, 2009

Inner Christmas

Every year (for the last two years), I have received 12 emails (one a day starting Christmas day) representing an Inner Christmas. On the sixth Holy Night I read about arousal:

Tonight, look back over the year, or over your life, for the presence of arousal in your soul. What turns you on in ways that give you a strengthened sense of self? As for my life the answer shouts loudly: "yoga"- espeacially when I would practice on a Sunday morning on the Heart Shaped Beach of Megan's Bay in St. Thomas. Yoga does stengthen my sense of self, yet I do not make it my life pattern.

What new ideas, new feelings, new activities have you engaged in with enthusiasm? The election this year gave me lots of arousals and in some of these experiences there was a need to calm the soul afterwards.

When we can calm our souls and stimulate arousal consciously, we find true joy in our humanity.
I resolve to find more arousals in this the last year of the naughts.

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