Thursday, June 11, 2009

Science Fair

Adrian takes a science class at the local recreational center. He loves it. I think it's the girls in the class he loves the most. I have noticed my boy ain't shy with the ladies, but that's not the point.

Adrian decided to tell me while we are working a show, that he has a science project due the next day.

I panicked. I went into the nervous mom mode, frightened my kid would look like an idiot, and worse, frightened I would look like an idiot! Then the guilt came. Why had I not been paying closer attention to what he was doing in his class? Why had I not been picking him up and talking with the teacher more?

I realized after some deep breaths that this was not my problem. That my son had chosen to approach his science project exactly as he had. He was not worried about making an idiot of himself. He was happy to go in with the report he had created on static electricity a couple of weeks prior. I had to let it be.
That night after very little sleep , I found myself wide eyed at 3 am. My stomach ached and I was worried sick about my son going to his class looking like he didn't care and worse like I didn't care! I finally got out of bed, hit the computer and printed out the pictures we had created the night before.

I let Paul accompany him to class the next day, while I stayed and worked the show. I figured he can handle the fool making better than I can. His response to the whole affair was classic: "The science fair is next week."

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Miranda said...

That story is classic! Too funny. Guess somebody needs some more deschooling, hhmmm? ;-)