Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Whisper

I have come to the conclusion that knowledge is a a dangerous thing. It can alienate you. It can make you become paranoid. It can disrupt your tranquility.
I have been reading for some time now (because I read all books these days at a snails pace, unless traveling) Animals, Vegetables and Miracles by Barbara Kingsolver.
This book has allowed me to see things clearer in terms of what I can do easily to help the country and myself to a healthy green alternative lifestyle. Yet I find I am alienating myself from my friends and my family. I have become an "unrealistic" person. "I don't face reality" is a term I hear a lot. I am becoming obsessed by reading passages to whoever is near me, preaching on about electricity wasted, or by going on about subsidized farming. To be blunt, I am making my friends very unhappy.
I understand this. I too get frustrated with friends who are constantly harping on about the way our country is doomed or friend's whose children are paranoid to eat anything not grown organically. I watch as terror seems to fill their whole existence and now I am becoming one of them! "No! I don't want that chicken, it has hormones in it!" "How can I eat that? It has Soy lecithin! It has corn syrup! It has aspartame!" I can never eat Polo Loco again! Ugh!
Yet like the preacher standing by the podium I am determined to stike fear. I have started to believe that this world is real. That what I do in this dream can affect me, instead of realizing, that only what I chose to affect me will.
This doesn't mean I don't want to try and create a better place for this body of matter to live in. I just don't want to alienate people.
I want to learn how to whisper. A whisper that doesn't have to be heard. A whisper that tickles the listener's ear. A whisper that feels good. A whisper creates curiosity. Shhh....Can you hear me?


Miranda said...

I hear you! And boy do I know what you are talking about. I have found that just living my life the way I have decided to live it, based on all the fearful stuff I want to avoid, but focused on the amazing good it happens to bring to life, causes people to come along naturally. They can't help themselves but to be curious about my chickens or the flour grinder or the cloth TP.
You have to offer the alternative, without condemning the present choice, otherwise people become defensive.
Bottom line, enjoy your own new life so much that others want what you have!!

Eli said...

Yes, it is so true. But I want Paul and Adrian on board at least!
Speaking of your chickens, I'm reading the chapter titled "Harvest Day". I wonder if you'll have a bloody pair of tennis shoes on Labor Day! LOL!

Miranda said...

Waiting for loved ones to come on board is the hardest! But they have to be afforded the same respect and time as anyone, darnit!
As for eating the chickens, we won't be doing that with these guys for a while. Gotta get all those eggs out of them first. I am thinking I will do a batch of meat chickens next spring, though.

TheOrganicSister said...

well you're not alienating me so if you just must speak to someone, you can always call.

i totally know what you mean. it's hard *not* to share something to eye-opening or exciting or inspiring and have the other person be comfortable with it.

ditto to everything miranda said.


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