Friday, May 29, 2009

Coffee Shops Rule-Day 15

I am really happy right now. I am sitting in an independent coffee shop, having great coffee and free WiFi! The music is killer too.

I am on Day 15 away from home, family and garden. I'm so ready to dig my hands in my dirt! Hug my child and kiss my man. I'm not so ready to worry about cleaning the house, making sure my son is occupied nor the constant compromising of being in a relationship. But I'll take the worst in order to have the best.
I am so use to hitting the ground running every day of my life that I was happy to sit and watch two movies last night. When did that last happen? I don't think it has in the past five years. While staying in DC I got a lot of things accomplished with my computer. But I am only here for a short time and I need to spend it sharing moments with my dear girlfriend.

I've been walking my friends new puppy. He's a pretty golden retriever. I've really enjoyed having him around for the walk. I have been toying with the idea of a dog, despite my constant reasons I tell myself that it's not a good idea to take on one more responsibility. I watch my friend with her puppy and I realize the huge responsibility that it entails and I just don't think I can put that into my life. Adrian never asks for a dog. He never plays with dogs. He's not the kind of kid that has to run up and pet a dog. I think we will visit the pound when I get home and toy with the idea some more.

I am truly a cat person. I was hoping maybe my body chemistry had changed and that maybe we could have a cat again that wouldn't make my eyes water or my nose sneeze or my lungs wheeze. But my girlfriend has a Spooks that loves me. She loves to get on my belly and dig her claws in. I tried it twice for a test, only to find myself sneezing uncontrollably.

I did finally make it down to the National Museum of Art. It is my very favorite Smithsonian. I actually found a Picasso, I once co-owned with a college roommate. I have always been fond of it. I now own it in print again! I also got some great fridge magnets of Monet's and some playing cards relating to different art mediums and terms. I figure I need as much influence in our life on art, since I cannot seem to afford to have any framed lately. I hung in a tour of the modern art section for awhile and learnined a bit about Picasso and Matisse and art in general.

I took a lot of art history in college. It is without a doubt the subject I still remember the most as enjoying the most. I'm not sure I have still retained all the information, but one summer I traveled through Venice and had a blast seeing the originals of all I'd studied.

I also bought Adrian some Architect blocks that can help him make 50 buildings and designs. He loves to build, at least he did 15 days ago!

Coffee's gone. Time to move on.

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