Monday, May 11, 2009

Momma's Day

I always thought my child would call me Momma. But with Paul being from Gary, IN, I've never been called that Southern term of endearment. I'm Mom. Which is better (in my eyes) than Ma, which is what Paul calls his mother.

After my 4 mile walk/run and a chat with my momma, I came home to sweets from my favorite local chocolatier! We then set starting and finishing my flower garden. I had a list of native wild flowers that bloom most of the year and stay green all year that I had gotten off our local NPR station. I found some form of species at the local nursery and then we got some beautiful stones to compliment it all. Adrian, Paul and I spent two hours making it all happen. If they all make it I envision an English looking garden someday. The area we planted in was a plot we had been saving for our potted tomatoes, but last week we decided we'd keep them where they are and so I got the space to plan a flower garden! I was quit excited as I had been wanting one and especially in this spot.

Later we had a wonderful Salmon dinner with corn and grilled potatoes. What a feast! I also had gotten flowers as a gift!

It was a lovely day spent splashing in the pool, playing basketball and ending with a good book all in the great outdoors of our backyard. Did I forget the great bottle of special wine I opened for the occasion?! Alexander Valley's Soverain and the grape was a Cabernet Sauvignon.

Here's a few of the boy who made it all happen.

And the man! Because to spite my strong feminist ways, I never want to do it without him!


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Just catching up here. How did your mammogram turn out?

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