Sunday, March 22, 2009

My first tag

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Green Meme #3

1. Are you keeping your temperature (heating/cooling) systems on low? If you have radiators are they fitted with thermostats?
Yes (?) 68 and sometimes I can get it lower if Paul isn't around. It is down to 50 at night. Right now we don't have it on at all.
In the summer we are 78-80 and we have a thermastat.
But we heat our hot tub once -twice a week. Pump and heater are old so we waste a lot there.

2. If yes to the above, what do you to keep warm/cool without resorting to turning up those numbers?
Down comforter and zero degree bags for sleeping

3. Do you turn your fridge temperature down when it has less items in it?
Yes, we have to or things freeze. Lately it's been really empty. Thank you economy.

4. Do you unplug unused small appliances?
I did today after reading this, but we keep everything plugged, coffe grinder, expresso machine, blender, microwave (gasp!) and toaster oven.
5. Do you switch off rather than leave on standby; TV/computer/dvd player/etc?
6. Do you own (or will you purchase in the future) energy-efficient (star-rated) home appliances?
Fridge, front load washer and dryer all bought when we moved in as energy stars. But the AC is an antique and the doors and windows need replacing.

7. Do you have any green goals/hopes for the next few months?
Keep AC off as long as possible. Expecially at night. Working hard on garden

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