Monday, February 16, 2009

Go See the Reader!

I went to the movie theaters yesterday! I saw something I wanted and it was not children friendly! I love family movies, but I also love-yes! love Indy films.

Adrian and Paul had a bonding day, scouting the stores for a Weii game. Mom and I went to the movies! There were several films I wanted to see: Slumdogs, Revolutionary Road, Milk and the Reader. We chose the Reader, because Mom was not interested in a gay mayor, or a foreign film and we both knew little about Revolutionary Road.

I was riveted from the first scene! The acting and the cinematography was spell bounding!
The character played by Kate Winslow made choices from a place of shame. Mom wasn't so thrilled with all the sex and bath taking, but I thought it all had a role in the big picture.

At a recent jewelry show, I filled out forms for people who were unable to read or write. I realized how unaffected we are by the majority. If we are never faced with the working class we tend to find it so hard to believe that someone really does not know how to read or write. People have the skill and intuitive to be leaders, but fail because they do not know how to read and write. A friend of mine recently conveyed the stories of young adults she'd taught reading. Some of these students were managers already

Adrian is actually reading himself to sleep at night. He just finished his first book. He has just picked out more books to read and he's emailing friends! I don't force his reading. A well meaning friend once said to me, you should have your child read to you. "There is so much he does not know to do." She meant he did not know how to pause for commas and periods.

See the Reader any way you can! It will have you thinking for a long time. Or not.


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