Sunday, February 22, 2009


Adrian and his buddy playing hang man.

Adrian likes to go to classes at the recreation center around the corner. They offer homeshooling classes in art, home-ec., history and science. This term he is taking Home-ec and science. He chose home ec. because art was cancelled and he really wanted some of those cupcakes they make! He has taken the science for over a year. I try every quarter to get him interested in history, because it is taught by his science teacher, but he informs me "Sitting in a class room for 2 hours is not gonna happen"!

This week he had a test in science. He was able to take it home and finish it. When I learned about this, the instilled ways of my upbringing came forth. I started off encouraging him to finish the test that day, "Get it over with and you don't have to worry about it the rest of the week." "I don't care about doing it now, I have all week!" So then I forced him. He gave me some dirty looks, but he got down to business. Well sort of. He answered all the questions but two. When I asked him why he didn't do the last two, his response "I don't need to make an A."

My overachiever!