Friday, December 25, 2009

Working for the Holiday

What's this? I am an independant owner of a small company who is to be able to take advantage of much needed time off when ever she chooses!!!! HA! HA! HA! Can I get a : "LMAO"?!!!
I saw pictures yesterday that I found from a link from a former neighbor in St. Thomas who is now on FB. It was photo's of Hull Bay, St. Thomas. My old stomping grounds. During our last month there we spent every evening watching the sun go down on the bay. I'd swim in the Ocean as the sun would touch the water. It was an "aw" moment. Wow! How I miss that beauty.
Today, Chirstmas Day, I had the most wonderful day! It was the first day I've had to do nothing but what I enjoy and love (cooking good food, watching movies and enjoying family) in months!!! Here's how it went down. Cappucinno in fine china.

Drum circle.

As washing machine ornament that lights up and the clothes go round and round for the laundry man!
My annual Gluf Coast ornament. This year the Downtown Cathedral!

MMM! Those chocolate covered cherries

The best gift I ever gave to guys in a family. The cowboy pistols. There have been gunfights all day!
The grande finale. Scallops, Lamb, mashed potatoes, and a salad made with fresh beets, maple walnuts, and my garden greens!

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