Monday, December 14, 2009

How Long Has It Been....?

Unbelievable! Really! (I must say that for the sake of sounding hip.) We have been so busy. Adrian usually has a full fall schedule with classes at the local recreation center, but this year there were many classes cancelled, including his past favorite, homeschool science. But unlike past schedules, this fall he was able to take Jr. Architect. It is taught by an architect who helped on several projects in Las Vegas, before retiring to become a full time mom of 3. He has built bridges, arches and roller coasters. Tennis was cancelled, but he has joined a basketball team for the early winter. This is his first team sport. We are all having a ton of fun.
Christmas is upon us! I have to say I am not into it. Paul and I have been working more than overtime for the past month. I would love to escape for the next month in our RV on the Baja. I really want some time to not do a dang thing. But guess what? It's Christmas! And my son is on a team. Team means supporting each other. I really am having a very hard time getting out the decorations. Decoration seems like work. My feet are killing me. Seriously.
So as you may have guessed, I cannot stop complaining, I cannot stop feeling like I would love for us to be any where but here. Yea, I'd like to be somewhere experiencing a different culture or seeing new sites. In the words of my son who was then 5. "It's time to blow this Popsicle stand."
Maybe some spiked eggnog would get me in the spirit. Hmm.... It's not much but here are a few pictures I took this fall.

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