Thursday, September 4, 2008

Waiting for the call

All year I have known this day would come. If the phone rings at 3am I get up to check. But today when I woke in my small stucco room in the basement of Agua Escondido Hotel in the mountains of Mexico, I had no idea today would be the day.
My grandmother has decided to go to bed and not eat. I cannot blame her she is 93. October she will be 94. She has been taken care of by a black women during these last few weeks. This is something my Southern bred Grandmother would and has had a hard time with. As much God as she accepted she could never change her feelings for the black race. Even though she was on the Jury for the trial of the infamous Civil rights activists killings that took place in the 60´s. Later to become the movie "Mississippi Burning¨. My grandfather did not talk to her for months after the decision came back-guilty of conspriacy.

The most vivid memory that comes to mind is the morning she had to tell me that my maternal grandmother had died. My Mom was in England at her Mom´s bedside. My grandmother was making me oatmill. I never ate the oatmill.
I wish I could thank her. I don´t think i have ever thanked her for all she is to me. Can she feel my love, wishing her onto peace?
A women who gave her whole life to her family. A women who had to put her first born to rest before her. A women who bore 7 children. She told me once her happiest days were when her children were all at home. Awomen who had her own garden until a couple of months ago.

May peace be with us. I miss you grandmother.

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