Friday, September 5, 2008

Humanitarian Crisis

I hope I spelled that right. I have not learned to spell check yet. I can tell I have gotten use to my words capitalizing my i?s.
I just met a Belgium gentleman. He he is a professor of Humanitarian Crisis at a University. He has studied Guatemala a lot, but focuses now on the Congo. Why do we say the Congo? He follows where the Red Cross goes. I think that would be an interesting job. Why did i never know about such studies when Iwas at the University?
After much searching I finally found a church where candles were lit. It was at the convent. The Catholics light candles and pray for causes. As long as the candle burns our prayers are heard. Only I needed to buy a candle at a store and bring it to the church. Since i left without money, it was too late. After some thought, I realized my grandmother may never let go of this world if she knew a candle was burning for her in a Catholic Church. Perhaps i will be selfish and tell her i did anyway. That way i can hold onto her a little bit longer.

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