Friday, July 31, 2009

Business as Usual

Wow this month has flown by. I have enjoyed this stint of 6 weeks in Northern California more than other years. I know the farmer's market schedule and which one has the date guy and which one has the best seafood purveyor and which farmer doesn't use pesticides. I know the best beach for body surfing and the best way to get to Pacific Grove.
I have my list of must do's every year:
1) Visit Carmel Valley Wineries
2) One evening spent at the bar over looking the 18 hole @Pebble Beach Lodge, eating fried calamari and drinking good local wine.
3) Eating Ciopinno at Phil's Market in Moss Landing
4) Eating sand dabs on the wharf not visited by a ton of tourist on Monterrey Bay and watching the otters play between the sailboats.
5) Slurping down a few Fanny Bay oysters at the Farmer's Market.
6) Visiting the gardens at Earth Bound
7) Takine long morning walks to hear the seals bark.
8) Listening to endless amounts of KPIG radio.

After 4 years in Las Vegas it is now a great pleasure to be wet and cold for days on end in July. It no longer depresses me to be covered in a thick fog and only see the sun shine for a few hours each day. I no longer miss my new home, but enjoy staying cozy in my RV keeping my son close by all the time.
I love the life Adrian has for one month. He has a fort, a sand pile and a tree he plays in with his friends for hours at a time. He sleeps in the tent with his best friend. He runs so much that his skinny jeans bag on him!
I have been accepted (at long last) by the riders, trainers and owners. I look forward to seeing them every year. And my friend Dion, who I spend hours with talking endlessly about our different religion philosphies trying to figure it all out and coming away fulfilled, but still perplexed!
I'm gonna miss life here next summer. It seems the US Open will be taking place at the Pebble Beach Golf Course and there isn't enough time to prepare for the show. We're looking at Oregon, Washington and Europe for next year's summer. I'm thankful that I have a business that allows for so much traveling! Otherwise I'd not be me.

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