Monday, January 4, 2010

First Day of New Year School

Ugh! The break is over and we are back at it. We started with bed snuggles but decided we needed some TV watching on our new bedroom 32" Plasma. So we watched a recording we had from the History Channel on "How the Earth Was Made". I enjoyed how the scientist traveled to discover their findings, but I have to admit I kept asking Adrian "What are they talking about again?" and he'd explain it to me in simple terms.
Next we went on to play Blockus and yes the kid beat my pants off once again. I can't seem to "invision" as my son likes to say. He then traveled with his dad to compare hot water heaters for the jacuzzi, practice some basketball and then onto the library, where the men like to spend hours sitting and reading.
The day ended with history. Seems Paul was quiet upset that the clerk had sneezed into his bag of groceries before handing them to him. He came home called the store and ranted for 1/2 an hour about "Typhoid Mary." Adrian and I were curious as to who Typhoid Mary was, so we googled it and discovered she was an unknowing typhoid killer. She believed she had never had Typhoid, so could therefore not be a carrier of the deadly disease, but she was placed in confinement for most of her life. She was set free for a small period of time, but she did not keep her promise to never work as a cook again and infected a bunch more people. It is believed that her position in society had a lot to do with her treatment. Which lead to the discussion of our law system.
What a great day back at school!

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